Ample Harvest West Milford

The national program,, began in our community garden in 2009 as a way to address our “no waste policy.” This national program was founded by SWM member and former Organic Community Garden Director, Gary Oppenheimer. was created to provide a way for local growers to share their excess bounty with local food pantries and those in need. at the national level supports nearly 4,000 food pantries across the United States. Here in West Milford, our group supports four local church food pantries and two local shelters from the excess in our community garden.

We are always looking for volunteers to join our team. To learn more about the Ample Harvest West Milford Program or how to get involved, please call Cathy Bruce at 973-728-8578 or email Thank you for sharing!

Join in the Harvest for the Hungry ! 

Ample Harvest begins our 11th season in West Milford this year.

Thank you Ample Harvest Team: Norma, Cheryl, Dave, Wendy, Janelle, Mary Beth, Gary G, Harry, Lala.

Cathy Bruce

West Milford Ample Harvest Coordinator

Volunteer to Harvest

Volunteer to Harvest

Volunteer with Sustainable West Milford to help harvest excess produce from the Organic Community Garden and deliver it our local food pantries. We especially need people to help deliver to the food pantries. Harvests are Friday evenings at 6 pm at Apple Acres Farm in West Milford.  We also now harvest on Wednesday afternoons at Wallisch Homestead, to combine with donations given at the West Milford Farmers Market each Wednesday.

  An early July harvest: about 15 lbs. of green and fluffy lettuce!

An early July harvest:
about 15 lbs. of green and fluffy lettuce!


Contact Cathy at 973-728-8578 or by email to volunteer or learn more.


Donate Your Excess Produce

If you are a backyard gardener, please consider donating your excess squash, tomatoes, or other produce! Your donation will be included with excess harvested from the Organic Community Garden in deliveries to local food pantries and shelters in West Milford.

Produce that is fresh and suitable for eating can be dropped off at the Community Garden of Apple Acres Farm, 1064 Union Valley road in West Milford on Fridays between 6pm and 7pm, from June through October, or each Wednesday by 6:30pm at the West Milford Farmers Market at the West Milford Presbyterian Church 1452 Union Valley Road in West Milford.

Visit Ample Harvest to find out more, including guidelines on what food is acceptable and how it should be prepared. For more information on the Ample Harvest West Milford Program, call Cathy at 973-728-8578 or email