Friends of Wallisch Homestead

The Tischenor-Gregory-Goodell-Wallisch Homestead (known as the Wallisch Homestead), is one of the last remaining spaces that accurately reflect Northern New Jersey’s agricultural heritage, and West Milford’s past.

The 200 year old farmstead is located at 65 Lincoln Road. It has a 1912 Dutch Colonial Revival house with one wing dating before 1820, a Dutch Colonial Revival stone barn, an Arts-and Crafts style creamery from 1912, and two woodpost-and-beam barns.

The farmstead, jointly owned by West Milford Township and the Board of Education, is a pastoral setting with a three acre environmental trail, meandering creeks, and a scenic vista of Bearfort Mountain rising in the background right near the town center.

The Friends of the Wallisch Homestead’s mission is to support West Milford Township, the Board of Education, and other community groups in the preservation and adaptive rescue of the Wallisch Homestead as a living record of the community’s cultural and economic heritage.

We do this by:

  • Providing community connectionand advocacy for the homestead
  • Increasing awareness of the homestead’s historic and cultural value
  • Raising funds for preserving and reusing the homestead buildings and land

We don’t want to just save another old house. The Friends believe the Wallisch Homestead offers a variety of historic, cultural, and recreational uses for both residents and visitors, even with constraints under the Highlands Act and wetlands surrounding the property.

Our immediate goal is to preserve and stabilize the buildings from further damage. This goal includes: making repairs to the windows & door, or covering them over as needed to protect the buildings; roofs on all the main structures; repairs to the exteriors of the buildings; and structural review of the buildings for other issues that may need immediate attention.

Once the structures are preserved, our long-term goal is to work with the community to determine the best reuse of the buildings andkeeping with their scenic and historic setting.

Follow the Friends of Wallisch on our website and Facebook for upcoming events.

We can use your help and support. Please donate to our preservation efforts, or volunteer to help us by emailing


  • On-line donating will be available soon.
  • In the meantime, checks can be made out to “Sustainable West Milford” with a note, “Designated for Wallisch Farmstead” and mailed to: Friends of the Wallisch Farmstead, 50 Linwood Road, Hewitt, NJ 07421.

Check the Wallisch Homestead site for upcoming activities and events!