Community Garden at Wallisch + Education

The Community Garden at Wallisch Homestead

In our second season at the Wallisch Homestead Organic Community Garden, we’ve added twelve (12) new plots to meet the growing desire among the people of our community to grow our own food among fellow gardeners and friends. Many gardeners and community members came out for our April workday where we built the garden expansion. At our second workday in June, we built a new compost pen and cleaned out the new storage shed. The crops are flourishing in the second-year plots, while gardeners have filled the new plots with seedlings for the fall harvest.


The Community Gardens Educational Series

The Community Garden hosted a workshop on Organic Pest Management at Hillcrest Community Center in June. Shaun Ananko of Grow it Green Morristown talked about how to manage pests in your garden effectively and without harmful chemicals. Shaun emphasized the conjoined subjects of pest incidence and soil health, and gave itemized descriptions and prescriptions for pest and disease problems of particular crops. Those who came found it very informative, and our notes from the talk will soon be available online. Our workshops are part of our ongoing public education series and are always free and open to the public. This workshop was provided as part of the Passaic County Dig In! community garden grant program.

We wish the gardens to be fun, creative, uplifting, a place where people meet, get to know one another in the course of fruitful work, learn together, provide a plenteous harvest of delicious, healthy food, and benefit the community by sharing this harvest and holding public education events like lectures on gardening and food subjects, and garden and farm tours. To date, hundreds of people have learned in the garden and applied their learning with their own gardens at home. Each year more than forty members come together at Apple Acres, and now nearly as many at Wallisch, to become a supportive, sharing, learning community. We look forward to continuing and expanding upon this heritage. We’re having a great season growing food together and sharing our boon with the community.

For more information, to reserve a plot, or to get on the waiting list, please contact Russ at

Both gardens benefit from the Passaic County Freeholders’ Dig In! community garden grant program.