Native Medicinal Garden

Wild and Native Medicinal Garden

Our May work day was a bit of a challenge; since we had so much rain, the ‘weeds’ were running rampant. By weeds I mean plants that were not intentionally planted in the beds and those growing throughout the pathways, making it difficult to discern where to walk. John and I did our best, but we still have a way to go. We did have two visitors from Bergen County so we had fun learning and talking together about Echinacea, Plantain, Wild Ginger, Goldenrod, St. John’s Wort and many of our other green friends. At our next garden day, we are planning to transplant some of our migrating plants into their respective beds and start clearing Artemisia to make way for some new beds. Come join us for our next Learn and Work day on June 17th.  ~ Karen

Wild and Native Medicinal Garden Update

Opening day at the Native and Medicinal Plant Garden was rather cold and windy but that did not stop the team from doing an extensive garden clean up. Upon our arrival, Angelica and Lilies were peeking out from the leaves that protected the garden beds over the winter.  Other plants hidden underneath were revealed after clearing the beds. They included Dandelion, Motherwort, Garlic Mustard, Trillium, Bleeding Heart, and Comfrey. Although there were only three of us, the transformation of the garden from winter desolation to visible new spring growth was exciting to see. Big thanks go out to John Harrison and Tim Dalton for all their hard work! Please join us on May 20th for the next gardening day. 

Check out the before and after photos: