Wallisch Homestead News

Yoga on the Farm
The Friends of Wallisch Homestead (FOWH) continues to hold once monthly Yoga on the Farm sessions on Wednesday evenings with Katie Hays. With the sun setting over Bearfort Mountain, participants enjoyed being stretched and limber of body and mind last week.

Other events at the Farm 

We are committed to provide an interesting array of events for the community to enjoy this wonderful venue. Our Stargazing events and Art Exhibition have exceeded expectations this year. We are looking to add more events and are bringing a POUND class to the site. 

POUND is a fitness program using drum sticks, or as they call them RIPSTIX. FOWH is also looking into classes for tai chi, crystal therapy and a Tibetan singing bowls exhibition. All community groups are invited to contact us if they have a special event they would like to schedule, or if they would like to partner with the FOWH to expand their community reach. 

Wallisch Homestead: Serving our community

The Wallisch brothers were very active in the community, having helped start or support many of the service groups in town, and the FOWH hopes to continue their initiative. However, in order to do so, volunteers are needed. Anyone interested in hosting a sign-in table at these soon-to-become weekly events is encouraged to contact us through our website or at wallischhomestead@gmail.com View SWM's events in this newsletter for more on our upcoming activities.

 Please visit us online or to contact John Hefferon at john.hefferon@slgreen.com for info or with suggestions. 


John Hefferon



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