Organic Community Gardens


2017 is our eleventh season at Apple Acres, and our second at Wallisch. Both locations have been a bountiful success. Congratulations to all the gardeners and thank you to the plants and the soil and the sun. It’s been a great year so far!

We wish the gardens to be fun, creative, uplifting, a place where people meet, get to know one another in the course of fruitful work, learn together, provide a plenteous harvest of delicious, healthy food, and benefit the community by sharing this harvest and holding public education events like lectures on gardening and food subjects, and garden and farm tours.

The West Milford Organic Community Gardens are recipients of the Passaic County Freeholders’ Dig In! grant program which benefits community gardens all over the county.

Sustainable West Milford Organic Community Garden at Apple Acres


The Community Garden at Apple Acres officially kicked off its eleventh season with our Opening Day celebration on May 6th. The garden looks great as our 40 plots are full, the soil’s been worked, wooden frames constructed, seeds and seedlings planted, perennials returning, new annuals growing. Our solar water pump is now operational and has been pumping water while the sun shines. 

To date, hundreds of people have learned in the garden and applied their learning with own gardens at home. Each year more than forty members come together to become a supportive, sharing, learning community. We look forward to continuing and expanding upon this heritage. We look forward to a new season growing food together and sharing our boon with the community.


Sustainable West Milford Organic Community Garden at The Wallisch Homestead

Our new Wallisch Community garden has been very bountiful indeed. The working windmill seems to take you back in time to the days when the pace was slower and things were simpler. One of our plots is donated to The Association for Special Children to share the benefits and rewards of gardening. We provided 12, 1.5 hour classes held on Saturday mornings to teach the group about soil preparation, planting, fertilization, pest control and of course, harvesting. A special thanks goes out to Celeste Hampton and Judy Dejosia for lending their time, expertise, plants, soil amendments and time to deliver a really great program enjoyed by all!

Join the Community Gardens of WM

Are you an experienced gardener looking for a community of gardeners, or a novice looking to get started? Would you like to have a vegetable garden but lack space or a sunny spot? The West Milford Organic Community Garden has plots available at both of our gardens for 2017. Dues for the season are $40 for one 8X8 plot, $70 for two. Our gardens are located at Apple Acres on Union Valley Road and the Wallisch Homestead on Lincoln Avenue.

Our community gardens use only organic practices, no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or treated seeds.  We strive to work in harmony with the environment to produce the most mutually fruitful results. The gardens comprise a cooperative effort where experienced veterans and enthusiastic new gardeners work together to share knowledge and solve problems and ensure that members have the most fun and fruitful gardening season possible, with all possible benefits to the community.

For more information, to get on our list, or to secure your plot, contact Russ Bangs at .