Community Garden at Apple Acres

We're having a great summer at Apple Acres s as beans, chard, and herbs are flourishing. Meanwhile, tomatoes, squashes, and cucumbers grow on the vines, and corn stalks begin to sprout ears. Some potatoes have even been harvested already, too. Sunflowers, dahlias, zinnias and more have already turned the gardens into a resplendence of flowers. The beauty of the place reflects its wholesome example for human and ecological health.

In July we held our summer workday. Gardeners came together to tend the paths and perimeter weeds, as well as other maintenance tasks. 

On August 13th, we participated for the third time (the second for Wallisch) in the Dirt magazine Kitchen Garden tour, wherein tour-takers travel around Northern NJ and adjacent regions of NY, visiting participating gardens. We showed the region what we've accomplished in our years together as gardeners. Apple Acres took 2nd prize this year!

We wish the gardens to be fun, creative, uplifting, a place where people meet, get to know one another in the course of fruitful work, learn together, and provide a plenteous harvest of delicious, healthy food. We benefit the community by sharing this harvest and holding public education events like lectures on gardening and food subjects, and garden and farm tours. To date, hundreds of people have learned in the garden and applied their learning with own gardens at home. 


Be a part of the gardens

Each year more than forty members come together at Apple Acres, and now nearly as many at Wallisch, to become a supportive, sharing, learning community. We look forward to continuing and expanding upon this heritage. We're having a great season growing food together and sharing our boon with the community.

For more information, to reserve a plot, or to get on the waiting list for the Apple Acres garden, please contact Russ at .